My First Sewing Project

I’m just about to embark on my first sewing project!

I’ve never dabbled in sewing because at school I chose cooking. As I’ve got older I’ve found myself needing to alter trousers and skirts but have looked at them with a blank expression whilst getting hot under the collar. I feel sorry for my new husband each time he asks me to shorten his trousers and I have no real clue what to do! Sorry hubby.

Damn it, I feel its time I learnt…..I have some of the basics along with the all important beginners books so there’s no excuse!

I found some scrap fabrics lying around so here goes. I’d love to say that I was going to make a lovely 1960s style dress but unfortunately it’s going to be a bog standard square cushion. Boring I know but I feel its important to master the basics, yes, sewing in a straight line! It might seem easy to some of you but at the moment I get to differ. I’ll keep you posted!

You never know, maybe one day I’ll be making gorgeous garments like these:

Tilly and The Buttons and Stitch and Witter


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July 18, 2012 · 1:34 pm

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